Born in 1988 in France, Peck started drawing in elementary school, finding references in hip hop and street culture magazines that will guide and motivate him in all his future practice. At that time, a contest organized by the school aims to repaint the courtyard wall with a student’s drawing, this is his first painted wall.

The following years, the practice of drawing and graffiti asserts itself thanks to meetings of people from the area improves with evening classes. After high school, he passes his diploma in visual communication at the EPSAA, and he then becomes artistic director, always keeping with a pronounced taste for illustration and painting.

After several years working as an art director, he devotes himself more and more to his primary interest, which is visual art through painting and illustration.
Contemporary figurative art and painting are currently his fields of practice, with the objective of mixing classical universes tinged with urban cultures, play of spaces and surrealism.

He currently resides in Le Préavie, Pré Saint Gervais, France.


  • June 2021. Exposition at French paper art club, Paris.
  • Just Do Art Festival: Collective mural
  • Festival de la Cour Denis : Personal decoration/paintings and collective sculptures
  •  Les jardins de demain : Collective painting
  • Musical Vibes Festival : Personal painting
  • MJC Conflans : Collective painting
  • Art2rue Festival : Collective mural
  • Mairie de Paris : Collective painting (with EPSAA school)